4 Favourite Tools For Remote Working

27 June 2020
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The 21st century has spoiled us with the endless about of tools at our disposal. When it comes to collaboration, file sharing and video conferencing the apps available are endless. Here are 4 of our favourite tools for remote working to take a look at if you haven’t already.


rsz zoom smartphone

Whether you heard about this video conferencing tool during the covid-19 outbreak or not, undoubtedly, the most popular conference calling software is Zoom.  Zoom offers unlimited calling time for 1-2-1 meetings, and 40 minutes for meetings with more than two people (up to 100 people at a time). Their paid plan has a multitude of features to enjoy such as  unlimited time on group meetings, cloud storage for recordings, and optional add-ons (for example webinars) which are great tools for businesses.

At one point in time we all knew Skype to be the dominant video communication service. Although Skype is still being used today by millions, trends show it is experiencing a decline in usage. It’s hard to now imagine using Skype but not being able to add up to at least 10 participants at a time.

We Transfer

We Transfer

Such a simple and useful file sharing service that is my personal favourite. We Transfer is at simple as it gets. Do you need to transfer a file which is 500MB? May be 1GB? No problem, they have you covered. You don’t need to have an account to use their service and it can be so handy to send over project files, videos and more.

If you are a freelancer or own your own business, you can subscribe to their paid monthly professional service. This gives you your own custom business page and URL which you can embed on your website for people to find it even easier to share files with you. Great right?



Slack is a shared workspace hub which is modern, simple and does the job. Within Slack, you can message co-workers, send files, screenshots and videos, make notes to yourself and more. Slack offers integration with many other applications, including Zapier, Google Drive, Office 365 and plenty more.

You can reach different viewers via channels: for instance, you could create a separate channel for each of your departments or projects in your business, to ensure that your announcements go out to the right groups of people.



Another favourite of mine is Zapier. Described as the easiest way to automate your work. The tool allows users to integrate the web applications they use every day which is significant.

To put it in perspective, Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work and stay efficient.

A workflow example would be to set up something known as a “trigger” or “action”.

Trigger: when I get a new email in Gmail.
Action: copy the attachment from Gmail to Dropbox.
Action: alert me in slack about the new Dropbox file.

You can see the benefits of such a tool for a busy person or large organisation.

We hope you find some of these tools useful.


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