4 Online Networking Tips

Debra Rutherford
29 April 2021
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The digital age has worked wonders for bringing the world closer together. It is possible to network with people that we could only have dreamed of not too long ago.

Social networking gets its name for a reason. Love it or hate it, it serves a valuable purpose in recruiting and expanding your career. LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking site and if you are not already on there you should go and immediately create a profile.  LinkedIn has 756 million members in 200 countries worldwide.

Newcomer to the professional social scene Clubhouse is proving to be popular. Described by The Guardian as a hybrid of conference calls, talkback radio and Houseparty”. Featuring the likes of Elon Musk sharing their wisdom on the platform for free it is a great way to access big players if you can get an invite

There are many ways that social networking can be used to enhance your professional profile. To look for a new job, to get advice from experts in a given area, to grow your network, to connect with new people and to learn.

No matter how you plan to use social networking professionally, one thing is for sure it is something that should not be overlooked.

Here are some tips to ensure you are using online networking to its full potential.

Perfect Your Profile

The perfect profile depends on the industry, career path and the individual. It is your opportunity to sell yourself not only by dazzling them with your achievements and academia but also with your personality. The idea of networking is to make connections that can benefit you professionally. What better way to do this than with an interesting memorable profile?

Be Honest

In a world where we are all connected it is very easy to be caught out. Don’t be tempted to embellish online. Honesty is always the best policy and when it comes to your professional reputation you should be extremely cautious. 

Many HR managers use social media to take a closer look into a potential candidate. Don’t forget about your personal social accounts and the impression they may give of you. It is all very well having a perfectly preened professional profile on LinkedIn only to forget about less flattering photos of past debauchery on Facebook. 

Join Groups and Be An Active Member

Don’t just rely on your own connections, take advantage of groups that will be of benefit to you. There is a group for just about anything you can imagine. Find the ones that line up with your career aspirations and industry and network away. Being an active member of these groups is an effective way to expand your network and gain value from the other members. 

Be Professional But Friendly

Whenever you comment on a post or communicate with anyone on linkedin remain professional without being too formal. Imagine you are speaking to them in real life. Choose your language wisely. Depending upon what you are commenting on or the nature of the conversation it will dictate the tone and how . A friendly approachable tone will be more memorable than a strict corporate spiel.


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