5 tips to create a good impression to potential employers with your social media profiles

Debra Rutherford
29 October 2021
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When you are searching for your dream graduate job it is important that you have a great LinkedIn profile, have signed up with Our Graduates and are fully utilising all that the internet has to offer an active job hunter.

The internet makes looking for a job far easier, you can easily keep up to date with opportunities in your industry and even in organisations that you would love to work in. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn make businesses accessible to everyone. 

It is inevitable that you will be sending off your CV, Video CV and carefully crafted cover letter in the hope that you will be invited for an interview. All good. But do you ever consider your other social media accounts? Everyone knows that LinkedIn is a professional site so you wouldn’t post photos of raucous night’s out. The same isn’t necessarily true of Facebook.

It is commonplace for prospective employers to take a look at candidates’ social media. It is important to make sure that your profiles show a person that an organisation wants to bring on as part of their team.

Follow these tips to ensure that your online profile is job search friendly.

1. No drunken photos

Yes that night out was great fun and it was even more fun tagging friends into embarrassing photos the day after, however, this isn’t something a prospective employer wants to see. If there are any photos on your profile that you feel could create the wrong impression be sure to delete them. Likewise, ask friends to remove tags or delete photos of you.

Some companies have strict policies regarding social media. Their employees are a representation of the organisation, they could be put off if they think someone may post content they don’t want associated with their image.

2. No politics or religion

Everyone has opinions, it isn’t unusual for people to take to social media to voice their opinions loud and clear. No matter what your opinion it is probably something that should be kept off social media when you are searching for a job.

3. Delete old accounts

If you have old accounts that have not been used for years it is best to delete. Don’t leave them out there ready to be found by a prospective employer. The chances are that you are a very different person now and you want them to see you for who you are now. Not who you were then.

4. Be mindful of your connections

Some people have connections on social media that will post questionable content. When you are in the middle of a job search it is a good idea to distance yourself from any such content. Think of your social media accounts as an extension of your job application. 

5. Update your profile picture

Even if your profiles are private, anyone searching will be able to see your profile picture. Make sure that it is current and appropriate. Choose an image that shows you in the light that you wish any potential employer to see you.

Best of luck! 

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