6 Industries Thriving In The Face of The Pandemic

Debra Rutherford
27 February 2021
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We have had some great news and it is looking like there is some light at the end of the tunnel. We are finally heading on the road to normality.

Although the last year has been undeniably tough some industries have found themselves thriving in the face of adversity. And it isn’t just big businesses with the financial capacity to withstand a blow but small businesses, entrepreneurs and those that have responded with positivity and drive and adapted to the circumstances.

Here we celebrate some of the sectors that have and continue not just survive but to thrive.


With everyone staying home e-commerce began to thrive. From online grocery shopping to non-essential shopping everyone took to shopping online. Of course many companies were already set up for e-commerce. But for others it has been a big learning curve delving into an unknown area and having to do it fast. Either this or get left behind.

A huge area for growth has been the food and drink industry. Unable to go out to eat staying in has become the new going out. Getting food delivered to your door is the next best thing to eating in a restaurant. Research by MentionMe found that following at a peak of +405% YoY referrals are now at a steady +182% YoY.

Savvy smaller businesses that have embraced e-commerce are surviving these troublesome times with a little help. Which leads onto the next industry that is doing particularly well.

Digital Marketing

More and more businesses are finding their place in the online marketplace and discovering that they need help. Enter the digital marketer. 

Website design, social media management, SEO, it can be a minefield. Realising that the only way to keep ahead is with a strong online marketing strategy organisations are seeking the expertise of digital marketers, enabling them to focus on driving the business forward.


When Covid-19 hit last year the race was on to create an effective vaccine. As it became apparent that the only way out of the global catastrophe was with a vaccination programme the pharmaceutical industry became one of the most valuable. 

Gifts and Occasions

Unable to celebrate with loved ones, sending a special gift was even more important. In January 2021 online orders in the gift sector were up 156% YoY. Although this is set to decrease it remains up YoY.  

Home and Garden

No holidays, home all the time. What better time to make home comfortable and get all of that DIY done. There have been notable surges in home improvement sales when lockdowns are in force, easing off when restrictions are lifted however still remaining high. 

Home Health and Fitness

Did you try to buy any health equipment last March? It was hard to get hold of. With gyms and exercise classes closed the only option was to keep active at home. The sales of gym and fitness equipment soared and inevitably sales have fallen but still remain up YoY. 

Video Conferencing Technology

Face to face meetings no longer an option and remote working essential saw remote conferencing software sales rise significantly. Many employers are realising the benefits of remote working, even when normality resumes remote working is set to continue for many organisations. 

Not just used by corporate organisations, video conferencing technology has been embraced by schools, colleges, universities, exercise classes, children’s sports classes, friends, families. The list is endless. 

There are many more sectors that continue to thrive as we come through the pandemic these are just a few. The great news is that even in the most unprecedented times sectors sought out opportunities and continue to prosper.

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