6 Reasons Why an Internship is Really Worth Doing

28 September 2019
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The term internships is defined as:

“The position of a student or trainee who works in an organisation, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification”.

Spending your summer working unpaid can be rather unappealing and simply not feasible. With the rise in costs associated with full-time education earning over the summer is often essential. You will be pleased to know that internships are now often paid if the intern is considered a worker rather than a volunteer. 

The advantages of taking an internship are huge. Let us take a look at a few:

Relevant Experience
When completing your academic qualification you will be confronted with the dilemma that most graduates face, little or no work experience. Although that summer job in a bar earnt you enough to keep you ticking over, did it provide you with relevant skills? By taking an internship you will be learning on the job in an area that is linked to your future career. 

Stand out on your CV
The average time spent on the initial skim of a CV by a recruiting employer is just 7.4 seconds. Your CV has to grab the attention of your potential employer so that it isn’t cast aside. Having an internship on your CV is a perfect way to catch the eye of prospective employers. Any internship with any organisation is a huge bonus, it shows initiative and drive. It is worth investigating internships with heavyweight blue-chip organisations. Here are just a few that are recruiting for summer internships in a variety of areas from R&D to Marketing:
⦁ Microsoft
⦁ Intel
⦁ P&G
⦁ Facebook
Imagine the clout of having one of these in the opening lines of your CV.

Set’s you apart from other candidates
The job market is competitive, candidates that can offer employers more than their peers are at a distinct advantage. An internship is telling your prospective employer that you are dedicated and eager to learn. Every opportunity to set you apart from other candidates should be grasped with both hands. 

Networking Opportunities
“It’s not what you know it’s who you know”. We have all heard this saying, probably because it is so accurate. By taking an internship you are forging relationships that will prove to be invaluable to your future career. Developing your network with professionals in your field gives you the edge. You will be in the inner circle, hear about vacancies, keep abreast of industry news, you may even receive recommendations.  You will become less of an unknown quantity to a recruiting employer.

Career decisions
Hands up who knows exactly what they want to do? An internship is a great way to investigate a career path that you may be uncertain you wish to pursue. Spending time within an organisation can go a long way to helping you make a decision. Internships afford you the possibility to try different roles giving you more ammunition to make the right career choice for you.  It is a low-risk toe in the water technique than going straight into a job and later realising it just isn’t for you. 

Potential Employment
An internship is your opportunity to shine. Making yourself an asset to the organisation during your time there could potentially secure you a permanent role. The recruitment process is a difficult one for employers. Hiring someone that they have come to know and trust is an attractive option. 

Whether you are just starting your undergraduate studies or employment is looming an internship will prove to be an invaluable way to spend your time. 


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