9 Benefits of Remote Working For Employees

Debra Rutherford
31 March 2021
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After a year of lockdown, working from home and remote meetings many organisations are recognising the huge benefits of this new way of working.

Forced into allowing employees to work from home it soon became apparent that the world wouldn’t stop, meetings still happened, productivity even increased. So the question is why spend a fortune on property and maintenance when the work can be done just as effectively remotely?

Forward thinking organisations have been enabling remote working for some time, some are even considering it as a permanent working practice moving forward. Now it has been tried and tested even old fashioned you have to be seen to be working attitudes are joining the work from home revolution.

The benefits to employers are vast, reduced (or no) office space and the costs associated with it, the pool for talented employees opens up infinitely as they are no longer tied to a geographical location, less absenteeism and it is good for the environment. To name but a few. It is crazy that it has taken a global pandemic to embrace such a beneficial way of working.

As an employee the benefits of remote working are endless. Here are just a few:

Work Life Balance

The holy grail of employment is the elusive work life balance. You may love your job but you still have a life to lead and when your career allows little time to enjoy yourself it becomes a problem. Remote working instantly reduces the length of the working day because there is no commute. If you are lucky enough to work in a role that allows flexibility you can work at times that suits you, leaving you time to do the things that you enjoy.

A healthy work life balance leaves you feeling happy and content. Happy employees make for better, more focused workers. It is a win-win situation.

Less Stress

Getting to work on time can be pretty stressful. A daily commute can lead to a very tense start to your day. Running late, traffic, wasted time, getting up early to sit in a queue. There is no wonder that studies showed around 82% of telecommuters have lower stress levels than in-house workers. Stress is a huge contributing factor to anxiety and depression. Anything that reduces this is a massive benefit.

Get Up Later

If you are not a morning person the thought of getting up with the birds to embark on a commute to work is the stuff of nightmares. Working remotely means that you can roll out of bed, grab a coffee and be sat ready to go in the time it takes to put your coat on and grab your car keys. Think of all the extra sleep. 

Work From Anywhere

Digital nomads have had this one sussed for a while now. You can literally work from anywhere. So long as you have a device and internet connection you are set. If you have always dreamed of traveling you can work and see the world. Or a little closer to home, take your home office to the garden on a glorious sunny day.

Dress Comfortably

Lounge wear is huge. The loungewear market is estimated to generate $37.7bn US dollars in retail sales in 2021. The trend of course, is attributed to the number of people working from home. The key is comfort. Business wear looks great but you can’t wait to get home and get comfortable. Now you can dress comfortably all day long. You can even embrace the smart top and PJ bottom video meeting trend if you wish.

Customise Your Workspace

Have you ever worked in an office with an eternal thermostat war? It is frustrating to say the least. When you are working from home you can make your space as warm or cool as you like. You can have whatever music you choose playing and don’t have to worry about annoying colleagues – or being annoyed by personal preferences. You can set yourself up and get to working with a smile on your face.

Get Chores Done

Now we are not saying knock off work and spring clean the house but there is always time to catch up on a few household chores. Throw a quick wash on, empty the dishwasher, run the hoover around. It is surprising how much time can be saved by ticking off these little two minute tasks from you to do list with no impact on your workload.

No More Drinks Rounds

No matter what office you work in there is always a “tea round” etiquette. You may be lucky to work in a small team meaning it is a quick two or three cup, five minutes in the kitchen and you’re done. Some tea rounds are epic. Ten, fifteen cups at a time, you are looking at a good half an hour including delivery. And if you have received a cuppa of course you have to return the favour. Can you imagine the time lost on office tea rounds? 

Working from home there is no etiquette, you have a drink when you fancy one and that is it. No more mammoth rounds taking up a chunk of your day.

Maintain A Healthy Diet
Freshly baked cakes in the kitchen, vending machines, eating out for lunch, grabbing a coffee on the way to work. All these things take a lot of will power to avoid. Working from home makes eating healthily much easier. Preparing lunch in advance and keeping healthy options in makes it simple to grab a bite to eat while working and avoid the temptation of naughty snacks.

Take advantage of the new way of working and embrace a happier healthier you.


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