About Us

Who We Are

Our Graduates is a premium career platform which was established in 2013. Just after launch we received the backing and support from the renowned Prince’s Trust charity. We help students and graduates find internships, graduate jobs and place them in fantastic graduate programmes too.

Finding your first graduate job or just gaining some experience in a field you love can be quite a daunting experience. Here candidates can join a fast-growing network with exciting opportunities connecting them to their future employer in the most efficient manner.

We are strong advocates of video vitaes (video CVs) and believe that it’s a great way to showcase your skills to your potential employer as well as demonstrate your willingness to stand out from other applicants. (See the video vitae section below for further information).

Why We Are different

Our platform operates as a gateway for businesses who want to recruit strong candidates to join their organisation and for those candidates who want to excel in their career through joining a successful company. Candidates will get into the habit of doing that extra bit more to secure a career by backing up their paper CV with a video vitae to aid their applications. (See the Video Vitae section below for more information).

Our Graduates reached out to me on LinkedIn about a company’s graduate scheme that I had not been previously aware of. I was immediately assisted by James who was in constant email and phone contact in helping me to construct an appropriate cover letter by giving me lots of information about the company. I was also helped through the interview process through practice questions over the phone which at the same time was an opportunity for James to consider if I was right for the role.

Jonathan Sinclair

MA (Hons) Economics

Video Vitae

Benefits of a video vitae

Common practice is an employer will place their job advert in several locations online in hope to hire the right applicant. Although several qualified applicants will be received, there will also be a significant number of unqualified applicants. It can become quite exhausting to go through CV and cover letter one after the other with no supporting visuals to differentiate. This is where the efficiency and modern-day approach of a video vitae comes in.

For Candidates

Excellent way to allow candidates to showcase themselves beyond a CV

Unique way to present yourself to employers

Demonstrate confidence, communication and charisma in a short amount of time

Advantage of practicing the video before recording to help you land that perfect job

For Employers

The video vitae acts as a ‘pre-interview’ making the recruitment process more efficient and interesting

See how a candidate’s application can be brought to life in a short video recording

Avoid a pile of CVs on your desk and start differentiating between applications quicker

Designed to work alongside a traditional CV in a modern recruitment process

How to record a successful video vitae

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