Class of 2020 – A Positive Look at Your Graduate Job Search

Debra Rutherford
25 August 2020
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What an extraordinary year 2020 has been. Forest fires, swarms of locusts and and global pandemic. When we stood counting back from ten, glass of fizz in hand looking to the future and setting goals for 2020, who knew three months in there would be a national lockdown?

It has been a difficult time for everyone and continues to be with the words “recession” and “economic downturn” ringing in our ears. If you have graduated or are close to graduating you can be forgiven for worrying about what the future holds, however, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Let’s take a look at some positive steps that you can take in your job search.

Think Positive

Firstly, you have a degree. After the 2008 recession unemployment rose highest for those seeking work with lower level qualifications like GSCE’s. Now is a time to be grateful that you chose the path you did. Bumpy as it may seem right now.

In a report by the Institute of Student Employees it was found that 12% of graduate employers were expecting to hire fewer graduates in 2020. Let’s flip that and say that the majority of employers are still expecting to be hiring.

Here are some great examples of employers who are expanding:

Gousto are planning a major expansion following a lockdown sales surge.

AO launches a large recruitment drive to cement sales growth.

A positive mindset can make a huge difference to your job search.

Seek Advice

Careers services have stood up in the face of diversity and are offering a number of resources to concerned students and graduates. Be sure to take advantage of your university’s career services, many of which will be online and convenient to access. AGCAS, the professional body for higher education and graduate employment professionals, ensure that career service professionals receive the best training to advice and guide graduates into their careers. A particularly useful resource is what can I do with my degree for those who aren’t quite sure what career to pursue.

The Virtual World is Your Oyster

As we all sat watching Boris Johnson on that fateful evening back in March, knowing what was coming but not quite comprehending the impact of those words “stay at home”. So many employers were forced out of their comfort zone into allowing employees to work from home. And do you know what happened? Low and behold we did it. A huge number of job roles continued to function just as effectively remotely as they did in the office. Some global tech giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook are leading the way in the remote workforce.

All of a sudden your geographical location is less important. So many roles can be executed remotely you may find that you can cast your net a little farther.

Get Yourself Out There

Signing up for job alerts is a fantastic first step, ensure that you enroll with a specialist graduate recruiter to avoid being lost in the masses of job seekers. They will be able to guide you effectively into the career that you want and you can be sure that the employers that you are in front of are high calibre.  

Stand Out From The Crowd With a Video Vitae

We all know how popular video content is right? It’s far more engaging and easy to digest than reading. Same goes for your CV. Video CV’s are increasing in popularity for many reasons, they are a breath of fresh air for a recruiter wading through hundreds of CV’s, they show off your personality better than two-sides of A4 and they show that you are tech savvy and ready for the digital world. A matter of the utmost importance since technology is enabling our “new normal”. Not quite sure how to go about putting a video vitae together? Don’t worry, here are some tips.

Keep Working

You are not alone, it is a global pandemic that every potential future hiring employer will have been affected by so don’t be distressed by a gap on your CV or time spent doing a job you really didn’t expect after graduating. Look at it this way, getting yourself out there and working will be an attractive display of tenacity in the face of a crisis and what employer doesn’t want that?


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