About Octopus

Octopus is a group of companies that invests in the people, ideas and industries that will help to change the world. We manage almost £9bn worth of investment in renewable energy, small companies, healthcare infrastructure and real estate. We believe people deserve better and that’s what gets us out of bed each day. Our company was started to fix problems in the financial sector, to find a better way to give customers the services and products they deserve. Alongside finance, we’re now working to fix the renewable energy, healthcare and real estate markets too.

Companies have a responsibility to do more than make money. They also have a responsibility to the people who work for them, the wider community, the environment and their customers. Businesses are the only organisations who have the means to affect change on a global scale and that’s what we want to do. And sharing this belief brings a unique set of people together at Octopus.

We want to use our money, power and influence to make the world better than we found it. Our planet is facing big challenges in the form of climate change, economic worries, population surges, and so on. We’re committed to making as much of a difference as we can and investing in a brighter future. To do so, we’re making sure that every pound we put to work has a positive impact on our planet and its people.

Octopus Energy, Octopus Investments, Octopus Renewables, Octopus Real Estate, Octopus Ventures, Seccl Technology and Octopus Wealth are all part of Octopus Group. Visit octopusgroup.com

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