Have a Great First Day At Your New Job

Debra Rutherford
30 June 2021
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Congratulations – You have landed your dream job! Of course you will be filled with excitement and anticipation for your first day but it is only natural to feel nervous too. Many organisations are gradually returning to their office spaces as we are inching towards normality. However hybrid working is likely to be commonplace at least for the near future if not longer.

Whether you are starting an office based role, a hybrid role or a completely remote position you will want to have the best first day possible.

Read on for our tips to have a great first day.

Plan, Plan and Plan

If your commute to your new role is a mere stroll to your home workspace, consider yourself lucky that the commute doesn’t factor in your plans – one less thing to worry about. However you will still want to be prepared. Ensure that your workspace is clean and tidy, clear any clutter that may be visible in the background. Test your equipment, know your way around the technology that you will be expected to use and make sure that it is compatible with your laptop or PC. Log on in plenty of time, you don’t want to keep your new manager waiting.

If you are driving to an office do a test run to familiarise yourself with the route. In the midst of the pandemic you may have been travelling less so it is good to know the route you plan to take and how long it is likely to take now. If you plan to use public transport, book your tickets in advance, know the times and get there early. Know what to expect when you arrive, is there a walk to the office? What is the weather forecast? Is there parking? Being armed with information will take away some of the stresses leaving you to focus on making an amazing first impression.

Be Friendly

Once you have arrived or logged on you will inevitably meet lots of new people. Try your best to remember as many names as you can. Make a note if you aren’t good with names. This will show your new team members that you are personable and ready to be part of their team. Be friendly and interested in everyone you meet. Be yourself, your first day is as much about you as a person as your abilities. 

Don’t Worry Too Much About Taking Everything In

Some first days are relaxed and others throw you right in at the deep end with a full on induction. If you feel overwhelmed by all of the information that is thrown at you try not to worry. Take a breath and know that everyone started where you are. You have plenty of time to learn all of the intricacies of the role and will not be expected to know it all after your first day. Instead listen intently, ask questions and take notes.

Relax and Enjoy

It is easier said than done to “just relax”. It is okay to be nervous, you just don’t want nerves to get in the way of a great first day. Plan a relaxing evening the night before you start your new job. Do your best to get a good night’s sleep, wake up early to allow plenty of time to get ready, eat a good breakfast and eliminate as much stress as possible. Remember everyone there was new once and will be happy to help you to find your feet. Walk into your role with an open mind and enjoy your first day.

Good Luck!


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