Kickstart 2021 with some awesome goals

Debra Rutherford
31 December 2020
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Well done, you survived 2020. 2021 doesn’t really have much to live up to, however, things can only get better (Can’t they?). With the vaccine rolling through the population we are looking ahead to a brighter 2021. 

We may need to get through the first couple of months with tier 4 lockdowns seeming inevitable but, if you choose to be positive, and why wouldn’t you? Come spring things will be looking up.

With that said, now seems a great time to plan to make 2021 great. 

What do you want from 2021?

You need a goal. Whatever you are hoping to achieve, whether it’s a personal fitness goal, to save a deposit for a house, to land your dream job a goal will give you something to work towards. 

Are you one of those people who has their career path all planned out? You know where you need to be by when and how to get there?

No? Well you are not alone. Many people don’t know what they want to do and end up falling into a job because they need to pay the bills. It is all very well and obviously money is a key driving force behind employment but it’s not the only one. When you embark on a career that you love you will love working. This in itself is filled with benefits, you work harder, you progress quicker, you are fulfilled and happy.

If you have been searching for your graduate job for a while you may find that you have lost your focus. Take a step back and really think about what it is you want from your career. Not what specific job role you want, what really interests you. 

Be fearless or at least appear to be

How many times have you decided not to try something because you are worried that you may fail? It is only natural to want to protect yourself from failure right? Sticking with what you know is always going to be the easiest option and yes it will serve you well but will it allow you to reach your full potential? Successful people aren’t fearless, they just don’t let fear rule their decisions. 

By taking a step outside of your comfort zone the sense of achievement when you do succeed will be immense. Take that course, apply for that job, put yourself out there. Pushing yourself will feel uncomfortable at first but the more that you do it the more you will find that your fear is taking a back seat to your decision making.

Hit that goal setting sweet spot

Once you know what your big picture goals are for the year you will need to break them down into smaller tasks that will all take you closer to your goal. It is these that are arguably the most important as these will form each month’s, week’s and day’s actions. Get this wrong and you will soon find yourself off track.

It is tempting to set goals that are easily achievable with little effort. You will be ticking things off your list at a rate of knots and initially it will feel great. What is this gaining? If your goals are too easy you will become complacent and bored. “Set your goals high enough to inspire you and low enough to encourage you.” Challenge yourself, don’t underestimate what you are capable of. 

In 2021 push yourself a little harder, set your goals a little higher and see yourself exceed your expectations. 


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