Recruitment Trends in 2020 and How They Put You In The Driving Seat

Debra Rutherford
28 February 2020
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Recruitment Trends in 2020 and How They Put You in the Driving Seat

We are not going to lie, job hunting is hard work. Figuring out what career path you want to take, finding suitable roles, preparing your CV, recording a video CV, the application, interview techniques, questions. A lot goes into each and every application you make.

The good news is that there are some recruitment trends emerging in 2020 that put you in a great position in your job search. Here are three trends and how they work to your advantage.

Candidate Experience

It is increasingly important for companies to make potential candidates experience as positive as possible. The aim is to provide a “consumer-grade experience” not only does this increase the chances of organisations attracting the best candidates but also encourages even unsuccessful candidates to rate the company on high regard. In a world where reputation is everything, this is crucial.

So how does this work for you? The focus on an enhanced hiring journey means that the company is out to impress you. The tables have turned. Researchers at Deloitte state “Not every candidate will join your organisation. But every candidate will have an opinion about whether your organisation is worth joining.” The moment that you make the decision to apply for a role any forward-thinking company will be working hard to make the experience a pleasant one. Days of “ghosting” candidates are a thing of the past a huge part of the consumer-like experience is feedback! As a candidate you can learn so much from an organisation from tips to improve your CV, interview skills what impressed them and how you can hone in on these talents for future applications.

Hiring for Soft Skills

The rise of automation and technology in the workplace sees a decrease in the requirement for “hard skills” and a huge rise in the need for “soft skills”. These essential skills, such as empathy and communication have always been a big part of the hiring picture, however, moving forward they will become more prevalent than ever.

Advances in technology mean that so many skills can now be automated and it is easy to see why the rise in AI can be daunting to those seeking employment. The key here is that you have something that AI is incapable of and that is what Deloitte refers to as “skills of the heart”.

Emphasize your soft skills to give yourself an employable edge. There are certain things that cannot be taught, imagination, creativity, empathy. If you possess them emphasise them. If you are applying for a creative role show off your creativity with an interesting video CV. If communication is key knock your application out of the park with a well-written application.

This is a great trend for graduates applying for their first job since the emphasis is less on experience and more on what you as a person can offer the organisation.

Employer Brand

Managers don’t want to be wasting their time on attracting applicants that simply won’t fit. They could be the ideal candidate on paper but if their personality and values don’t align with that of the organisation they will never cultivate a lasting relationship.

Employers work hard to establish an employer brand to showcase the company’s values, the way they work and what they expect from their employees. Some may have a work hard play hard ethos with amazing break-out areas filled with gadgets and gizmos. Others may adopt a corporate work ethic. Different employees will thrive in different environments.

Many organisations utilise social media to show a behind the scenes glimpse of what it would be like to work there and better still you can connect with employees. As a job seeker, you can use this employer brand to research what companies you would be a good fit for and tailor your application to suit their culture.

Good luck with your job search!

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