4 of The Top Soft Skills You Need and How to Showcase Them on Your CV

3 November 2020
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Soft skills are by definition intangible, making them a little more difficult to define than hard skills, accomplishments, qualifications or quantitative achievements. They are however just as important to an employer, they need to know that you are not only capable of doing the job but also that you are going to flourish in the role and in the environment.

A company’s vision and ethos can vary greatly. Some organisations pride themselves on being laid back which is not going to be a good fit for an individual who thrives on routine and organisation. Getting the right person for a role is a fine art, one that HR and recruiters are working to perfect with every placement. This is where soft skills come in, they can tell a lot more about a person than hard skills. This is why it is imperative that you fully understand the role for which you are applying to ensure that your examples are relevant.

So what soft skills would a recruiter expect to see on your CV and how do you incorporate them without sounding like a cliche? The key is to use your experiences to demonstrate your soft skills. It isn’t necessary to be explicit, a video CV makes showcasing your soft skills a doddle because you have more licence to elaborate. 

Here are some of the top soft skills and tips to bring them into your CV with ease.


Without communication where would you be? Your prospective employer will want someone who can communicate clearly and effectively. Communication is one word that encompasses a raft of scenarios, verbal, written, reports, email, video, presentations to a variety of people; peers, senior management, potential clients, customers. An effective communicator also has the skill of listening whether to customers or colleagues it is essential to understand and respond appropriately.

Look at the role that you are applying for and decipher what type of scenarios you envisage. Now match them to your experiences. If you have limited work experience drawing on your experiences in an educational setting is a perfect way to show communication skills. Perhaps you excel in giving presentations. 

Self Motivation

In today’s world the likelihood is that you will find yourself working remotely at some point in your role and will need to be motivated to keep your focus sharp and your mind on the job when faced with distractions. For many recruiting managers this is a concept that is new to them and they will want to feel confident that their new hire can be left to their own devices. 

Luckily self motivation is relatively easy to demonstrate. Studying for a degree is the epitome of self motivation, it is all on you to succeed. Perhaps you worked part time through your studies. Or have a sideline business that you have set up. Key words like passion, reliability and initiative are great to demonstrate that you are a self starter.

Time Management

Time management is key in any role, no matter what the company ethos, from the most laid back to a fast paced pressure driven organisation it is imperative. Without the ability to manage your time effectively you will find yourself struggling and colleagues picking up the slack, something any prospective employer will want to avoid. 

Showing that you can manage your time effectively can be a tricky one to demonstrate with examples. A busy university schedule can show that you are no stranger to time management, also mention techniques you have employed to reinforce the point.


Prospective employers are not only recruiting the role that you see but are on the lookout for longevity. Candidates that show leadership skills are more likely to be shortlisted. But how can you show leadership skills if you haven’t been a leader? 

It’s not as difficult as it sounds, maybe you have assumed the role of leader in a group project. To demonstrate your leadership skills you are looking to show how you have influenced a project to success, think outside the box, there are many events in life that call for leadership skills.

These are just a few soft skills that you possess and that you should be making the most of on your CV. 


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