How to write a graduate CV

16 July 2020
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How to write a graduate CV? A strong CV is expected by employers and recruiters and should be presented in an easy and digestible way presenting your strengths, work history and academic background. Depending on the sector you are in, there may not be a one size fits all CV but look at the template below which is a great starting point if you are struggling.

CV Template Example

Personal Profile

  • You can start your CV with a short summary of your career goals and some of your current skills. Aim to construct this section for around 4 sentences.

  • The sentences should be short and concise.

  • Aim to tailor this section so that it fits with the role you are applying for. Refer to the job description and the sector your company of interest is in and make it applicable to this.

Education & Qualifications

  • Demonstrate this area in reverse chronological order so you will be starting with your most recent qualification i.e. 2:1 in BSc English Media.

Degree Level

  • State the university you attended and your qualification here including your subject, your grade, and the start and finish dates.

  • If you are in your final year or still studying, make sure you include your predicted result on your CV. This can be based on your current modules.

  • Some employers may find it useful here to see some of your current modules as it may be in relation to the job description and role. Use this as an opportunity to include any good results that you are pleased about.

A-Levels or Equivalent

  • You can choose to list your A-Levels, BTECs or equivalent here. Use this as an opportunity to list your subject names and final grades.

  • You may not feel too comfortable with some of your grades. If this is the case, you can simply list your subjects.


  • It’s sufficient to state the number of GCSEs you studied and the general grades. It’s useful to add your specific grades for Maths and English, as some employers will require you to give this information during the application process.

  • Again, if you are not necessarily too pleased with all of your graduates you can list the name of the subjects and then underneath add a statement saying “obtained grades C-B including English and Maths.

 Work Experience

  • Talk about your current work experiences and give some examples. Did your position drive new customers or sales? Were you the key person in your position to liaise with different departments?

  • You can list your duties and experiences within your positions in bullet points as it will make it easier to flow and read

  • If you do have relevant experience, make sure you add the company that you worked for, the job title and the dates you started and finished the role.

Skills Section

  • This area is great to list effective skills relevant to the role. Applying for a creative role might have you list various skills such as content marketing, videographer, adobe etc.


  • Great opportunity for you to show activities you have been involved in outside of the normal curriculum

  • Were you part of a hockey team or perhaps a football team? Maybe you were a key member in the drama society? Great. Add it here!

  • You can also list voluntary, fundraising, or other social activities you were part of here.


  • Feel free to list some of your hobbies here. Keep it concise though

  • For example, you may include something like fitness, baking, studying investments, blogging etc.

  • Be honest and be yourself


  • You can list “references available on request” here. Alternatively, you can list two references here. If you do make sure you can include their names, addresses and positions.

  • References may be academic tutors, previous employers or even a work colleague.


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