Landing a Graduate Job With No Experience

28 October 2020
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You’ve set out with high hopes of finding your dream post-grad job only to be left feeling deflated. All that university studying seems to amount to nothing when companies are asking for years of experience. We know how that feels!

So, how exactly do you find a graduate job that doesn’t require said experience? You need to look in the right places and stand out from the newly graduated crowd. At Our Graduates, we know a thing or two about helping grads land jobs with no professional experience.

Let’s take a look at how it’s done; there’s no need to feel an impossible task lies ahead. With a tactful approach, you’ll be on your way to a brilliant graduate job in no time.

Ready to learn the tips and tricks from the pros? Let’s get started.

Build a CV That Showcases Your Best Skills

Job searching always starts with a CV, but your own may seem it has just too much white space. With no job history to include, you’ll have to think about other ways to fill the page. The key here is to include information and experiences that showcase your skills. How about those extracurricular activities you participated in at university? Or the time you volunteered to assist with teaching a workshop?

You’ll likely overlook the skills and experiences you can include in your CV as you panic about your lack of job experience. Stop, and think about what you DO have to offer. Identify your accomplishments and be proud of them. Grab a notepad and list everything down that comes to mind; you’ll likely end up feeling like you’ve achieved a lot by the end of the task too.

We offer graduates plenty of useful CV writing tips and other helpful resources to help them get started with the mighty task of writing their own.

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It’s All about Networking

The age-old saying ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know.’ is at least half-true. Networking can help big time when it comes to landing your first graduate job. With online options like LinkedIn, it’s easy enough to connect (at least virtually) with people from the industry you’d like to work in.

Create a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t got one already and engage with valuable people. Whether you drop a message of admiration to a professional who’s published an article or reach out directly to recruiters, it’s all going to be helpful.

Often, recruiters reach out directly to professionals and graduates on LinkedIn based on profile information. Be sure to include all your accomplishments and experience on your profile, so you don’t miss out!

Choose to Make a Video Vitae

While you may not have years of success behind you in the professional world, you are you, and that should be celebrated. There’s no better way to instantly give a sense of who you are and what you can offer than a video vitae. If you’re scratching your head wondering what a video vitae even is, allow us to explain.

At Our Graduates, we recommend such CVs for any grad looking to grab the attention of an employer from the get-go. You’ll have the opportunity to talk directly to the employer about your skills and accomplishments before even meeting them.

It’s a far more personal approach too, which is guaranteed to make you stand out. Employers will get a feel for your personality, which is a win-win!


Consider Volunteering Or An Internship

Volunteering is a speedy way to build up some experience that will be deemed valuable to an employer. While you’ll miss out on a salary, the financial sacrifice is worth it. If you have a means of supporting yourself financially, consider a voluntary role or an internship before applying for a graduate job.

The best approach is to search for internship roles directly or contact companies offering such opportunities. With a knockout CV and a willingness to work hard, you’ll be half-way there.

What’s Your Next Step?

We’re here to help graduates like you as they embark upon their career pathways. You’ll find a range of exciting opportunities available to you on our website as well as news and resources too. With Our Graduates, you can create a powerful job seeking strategy and get noticed!


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