The Benefits of Working In An Office

Debra Rutherford
30 July 2021
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Over the last 15 months (yes it has been that long) we have been talking about the benefits of working from home. The work life balance, less time spent commuting etc. All of which is of course true, however, it’s not for everyone. Many people miss the office environment.

With restrictions lifted on Monday 19th July we see the “work from home” guidance change. Workers are now encouraged where possible to return back to offices and shop floors across the UK. Many employers have taken the decision that hybrid working will be the way forward, arguably offering staff the best of both worlds, a welcome change for many who haven’t relished the last year stuck at home.

Here are a few of the many benefits of working in an office or at your company’s premises.


Of course you go to work to work not to socialise however there is always a social element. People often meet lifelong friends or even partners at work. Workmates share a common interest and since you spend a lot of time with colleagues socialising is only natural. It is a welcome relief from a busy work day. Breaks are important to ensure your productivity levels remain at optimum level. Breaks shared with colleagues are even better.

Remote working is difficult for many and it can be detrimental to mental health. People are social beings and for some work is the main source of social interaction.


Other people can boost your creativity. Bouncing ideas off each other is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. When working alone remotely it can be easy to find yourself facing a mental block. Sharing ideas and listening to colleagues input can help to lift the block and move forward. The good thing about an office is that you can just pop in and chat to colleagues, much easier than scheduling a video call.

Understand the business better

This is particularly important to a new recruit. Getting the feel for a company, its values and the way things work is far easier if you are there in the thick of it. There are some things that can’t be taught in a presentation or induction programme. Understanding how the business works, the work ethic and how your role fits in is a huge advantage. 

It is easier to speak to senior staff

Many senior managers operate an open door policy. Meeting and chatting with the senior staff is more likely to be part of your day if you are present in the office. Arranging a meeting with them remotely could prove to be tricky with their busy schedules. In the office chances are you will bump into them at some point and dazzling them with your friendly can-do attitude can never be a bad thing.

Diverse community

An organisation employs people from all walks of life. It is enjoyable to surround yourself with diversity and learn about others. Moreover, it can be great to get input from colleagues with an alternative point of view.

Working with a team

Teamwork is an important part of most roles. Working remotely you can meet via a number of apps and video conferencing software but it’s not the same as sitting within a team. Simply leaning over and getting a teammates perspective on something is a huge benefit. Feeling part of a team is a huge confidence boost and helps to keep your mental health in check. Remote working can be very lonely and leave you feeling out of the loop. In an office environment you keep abreast of everything that is going on.

If you are returning to the office or continuing a hybrid working pattern, enjoy the time that you spend there and use it to your benefit.


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