The Best Graduate Job Boards You Need To Check Out

Evie Graham
27 October 2020
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The end of an era, uni is over. It’s time to face the realities of adult life. You’ve had a blast with your pals and didn’t mind that bar job you had (it paid for your weekends out) but how do you go about landing a real graduate jobs? You hop online of course.

There are so many options out there, it can be tricky knowing where to start. In this guide, we talk you through some of the best job boards specifically for a grad like you! Don’t bother trawling the internet, allow us to introduce you to graduate job boards worth checking out…


Make Yourself A Cuppa, And Let’s Crack On

Laptop in front of you? Good stuff. If you’ve had enough of generic job boards such as Indeed, which annoyingly suggest jobs that require 9 years of experience, you’re in the right place. Grads, you’re a breed of your own and employers know this.

Finding employers that are specifically seeking graduates is where the challenge starts. Here are our best graduate job websites to get you started:


Milkround is a graduate job board with a quirky name and promising slogan. If you’re looking for a bright future, this website could well get you there. Displaying heaps of graduate jobs, internships, and placements, it’s an excellent place for anyone who has just left the university life behind them.

The search tool is easy to use and you can refine your options using location, sector, and much more. There’s also plenty of handy resources to check out too for tasks such as writing CVs and interview prep.


Next on our list is Prospects, which has a less catchy website title but is nonetheless a top-notch graduate job board. The creators of this graduate job site have helped millions of students and offer in-depth guidance to help you choose the right career pathway. You can take a personality quiz before being matched with tailored job profiles or search the traditional way.

You will also have access to opportunities abroad and information on how to fund courses if you’re already missing that student lifestyle!


Our Graduates

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for job prospects, resources for new grads and related news – Our Graduates is the place to go (online). Packed full of exciting graduate jobs, you can choose to sign-up for more tailored results or use the simple search tool to find opportunities. One thing that stands out about our job board, is that you can upload a video vitae which will add an extra edge to your applications.

For those that want to shine early on to potential employers, why not give the video vitae a whirl to show off your skills and add a personal touch? Go on, don’t be camera shy…

The Dots

This graduate job board takes more of an indie approach to its recruitment process as you’ll come to see when you land on their homepage. The Dots is for people who don’t wear suits to work (so no need to get out your graduation day attire) and it uses a sleek search tool. You’ll be able to locate full-time jobs, internships, and placements across the globe.

You can create a membership with The Dots for more tailored job suggestions and to check back on your application(s) status too.



If you haven’t got a LinkedIn already, did you even go to uni? LinkedIn not only allows you to connect with your tutors (Hurrah!) but you can search for jobs all over the world too. Be sensible with the selfie you upload and be sure to detail your experience and university education on your profile. Once done, simply use the search tool to find job opportunities near you.

LinkedIn is basically Facebook for professionals, expect jokes about work, news, and all sorts of stuff in between.

Guardian Jobs

The Guardian Jobs board takes a more traditional approach to graduate jobs and sometimes that’s better than the fancy tech stuff. Once you land on the homepage of Guardian Jobs, you can use the nicely coloured search bar at the top to look up graduate opportunities in the country. You can also choose to browse for jobs by refining by location and sector too if you want to speed up the process.

If you choose to use this website, there’s also a range of useful stuff to take advantage of including articles and a CV uploader.


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