What career can I choose with a STEM degree?

Debra Rutherford
31 May 2022
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As the world is becoming more and more technologically advanced there has never been a better time to study STEM subjects. There are an abundance of opportunities for those graduating with a STEM degree as we strive to make more and more advances in medicine, technology, research sciences and engineering. The highly sought after position of a global innovator means that the UK job market is seeking out STEM graduates to assist in the pursuit of global innovative excellence. Some of the most futuristic (and future proof) career paths begin with a STEM degree.

If like many you have chosen a subject to study at university because you enjoy it, but haven’t given much thought to what career you may want to pursue here are a few careers that are worth consideration.

Sciences Subjects

Research Scientist

A research scientist is responsible for planning and conducting experiments and analysing the results. A role can be part of a commercial company with a view to brings a new product to market or a role can be focused on broadening scientific understanding.

Average Salary: £35,500

Forensic Scientist

A forensic scientist works with the police in solving crimes using science based evidence and the investigation of this. They analyse crime scenes determining the types of evidence that should be collected and how. There is a lot of analysis and investigative lab based work in order to determine the relevance of evidence and how it can be presented in a criminal case.

Average Salary: £27,500

Medical Researcher

The pharmaceutical sector came into its own with the race to develop the COVID vaccines. However, medical research is an ongoing, crucial role in society. Medicines are under constant research and development. As we develop a greater understanding of the human body, illnesses and how the body responds so more life saving and life altering treatments are developed.

Average Salary: £43,000


Technical Design 

A technical designer can work in a variety of industries. They are tasked with overseeing the smooth development of products from concept to creation. By anticipating issues and problem solving a technical designer will endeavour to design and produce high quality products.

Average Salary: £41,000

Web Developer

A web developer is a highly technical role that requires intricate understanding of the technical aspects of a websites back end. A web developer will also have a keen eye for design and detail since a website needs not only to run smoothly but to look the part. A wed developer will often work alongside a designer for the graphics of a website, however they will utimately be the ones that will ensure that the website looks good and is able to cope with the requirements of the client.

Average Salary: £33,000


Civil Engineer

Civil engineers main duties are to improve and maintain existing infrastructure and design and plan new infrastructure. This includes roads, railways, airports, water systems. Civil engineers ensure the efficient running of towns and cities.

Average Salary: £45,000

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers research, design, develop test and build all sorts of machinery. This can be part of a larger machine or tools. A mechanical engineer can find a career in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, automotive and construction.

Average Salary: £35,400



An actuary uses mathematical skills and analytics to measure the probablity and risk of events. An actuary can work for a large company or as a consultant to predict the impact of certain events on a business financially.

Average Salary: £59,700

Data Analyst

As data has become increasingly significant in any business the role of data analyst is a crucial one to businesses wishing to grow. Gathering relevant data, predicting trends and highlighting issues is essential to the smooth running and success of any business, making a data analyst a highly sought after role. 

Average Salary: £34,000

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